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There are many unmistakable characteristics that define a Zych handbag - exquisite leather, modern designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Note from the designer:

Designing handbags is my greatest passion in life and the way my handbags are crafted is extremely important to me. I hand draw each design, source every material that is incorporated into each handbag and I am meticulous about the way that my handbags are constructed.

After spending 7 years designing handbags in the fashion industry, I have decided to enter the world of auto racing full time with the launch of the Zych brand.

Hand Printed Checkered Leather

Prior to the launch of the Zych brand I spent many months working with the factory to test several different techniques in which to craft the checkered print leather details for the Zych racing collection. I ultimately chose the method of hand printing the black and white checkered pattern onto each individual piece of leather, resulting in truly stunning checkered print accent pieces that are applied to each Zych racing handbag.

Creating hand printed checkered leather takes time and while others are focused on mass producing, I am passionate about designing handbags with exceptional quality that you will cherish carrying season after season to cheer on your favorite race car driver to victory lane.

Everyone at Zych handbag's is dedicated to having your handbag shipped to you as soon as possible but in an effort to deliver the highest quality hand printed checkered leather details it may take up to 60-90 days for your handbag to ship.

Best Wishes,